Do I have a Neural Network & ANS dysfunction?

Because the autonomic nervous system (ANS) and the the brain control just about every function in our body, the list of symptoms for having a neural network and ANS dysfunction can be very long. For this reason, these chronic illnesses can be tricky to diagnose and often get missed by the medical community. That being said, our coaching services are not a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment or advice. Please consult a health care provider if you are unsure if you have any of the conditions described in this website.  

Below are some of the symptoms of a neural network and ANS dysfunction. If you have 5 or more of these symptoms, it’s very likely you have some degree of neural network and ANS dysfunction, and would benefit from retraining your neural  networks through the Rewire your Brain Transformational Coaching Program.

  • You feel tired a good portion of most days but all the tests your doctor has done for your fatigue and other “mystery” symptoms have come back normal
  • You feel exhausted after physical exercise
  • It takes you a long time to fall asleep and/or you waken often
  • You wake up in the morning feeling tired and you may feel body stiffness and pain
  • You have brain fog, meaning you can’t think clearly and have difficulty concentrating or focusing for long periods of time
  • You experience muscle pain and/or weakness
  • You have stiffness and inflammation for no apparent reason
  • You have a recurring or regular sore throat
  • You experience flu-like or virus-like symptoms such as fever, swollen glands, sore throat and headaches
  • You get occasional heart racing/palpitations or chest pain
  • You feel momentarily dizzy or nauseated when you stand up
  • You have allergies which often get worse every year
  • You have a distorted sense of smell or taste
  • You have gastrointestinal problems such as gut pain or bloating
  • You have a growing list of food sensitivities
  • You have sensitivities to chemicals, scents, medications, supplements, light, sound or touch
  • You have electromagnetic hypersensitivity and try to avoid exposure to mobile phones, base stations, wi-fi or cordless technologies
  • You experience chills and cold extremities
  • You have unexplained hormone imbalances
  • You have a rash or skin issues
  • You experience mood swings, depression or irritability
  • You feel unexplained anxiety or nervousness
  • You have become emotionally “flat”

To determine if you have a neural network and ANS dysfunction and if this coaching program can benefit you, schedule your free 1 hour VITALITY session now!


The content in this website is intended to be used for educational and informational purposes only. It is not a substitute for medical diagnosis, treatment or advice Please consult a physical or other health care provider if you are unsure about whether you have any of the conditions described in this website.


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