Do you have a brain and nervous system-related skin rash?

Do you have a skin rash that lasts more than a few days, weeks or longer, is extremely itchy, shows up for no apparent reason, or appears after being exposed to either stress or certain foods, medications or supplements, or fragrances such as laundry or household chemicals?

Do you have other symptoms as well such as:

  • Fatigue
  • Sleep issues
  • Brain Fog
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Food sensitivities
  • Anxiety
  • Digestive issues
Rewire Your Brain

For a longer list of symptoms related to this kind of skin rash, check out the quiz on our page to see if your brain and nervous system might be at the root of your skin rash. If you have 6 or more symptoms, then it’s very likely your skin rash is brain and nervous system related and will not benefit from a traditional or natural skin rash treatment alone.

Natural skin rash treatment to get to the root of the issue

If you’re reading this page, then it’s likely that topical cremes, salves or steroidal ointments have not relieved your skin rash entirely, or they may have even aggravated it. Treating only the symptoms of chronic health symptoms, including skin rashes, often fall short of delivering permanent relief, since the root cause frequently lies in the brain and autonomic nervous system (ANS).

While working with the body is essential for support and recovery (such as diet, which is important to address when healing a skin rash), the brain and ANS control every function, making them vital to address during the healing process.

If you have 6 or more of the symptoms on the quiz page, it is very likely that the root cause of your skin rash is likely in your brain and nervous system. Essentially what this means is that your brain is stuck in a maladaptive stress response, and your skin rash is one of the symptoms. Rewiring your brain is the most natural skin rash treatment you will find out there as it requires nothing external that you need to apply on your skin.

Rewire Your Brain
Rewire Your Brain

Personalized support

The RYB Transformational Coaching Program leverages neuroplasticity to reconstruct brain neural pathways, addressing maladaptive stress responses in chronic conditions. Through self-directed exercises, the body triggers the ANS to reset and facilitate neural pathway rebuilding. The result: clearer, more radiant skin.

Getting to the root of your symptoms requires a personalized approach. The RYB Coaching Program recognizes that each individual is unique, with different symptoms and stressors that triggered your skin rash in the first place. (for a detailed list of stress triggers, check out my blog: Your brain’s response to stress has made you sick.

Through 1:1 intimate support, certified health and life coach Pamma Watson works closely with you to tailor her neural rehabilitation program and holistic aspects of the program to your specific needs. This individualized approach ensures that you receive the right support and accountability, allowing you to get your skin back to radiant health.

Diet & Environmental Toxins

No single diet suits everyone; our uniqueness extends to body types and sensitivities. In the RYB program, Pamma crafts a personalized meal plan, complete with tailored recipes that align with your tastes. This diet not only supports recovery but enhances your brain’s healing abilities.

Discover the foods that energize or drain you, affect stress and inflammation, and boost brain function. Often, temporary food exclusions benefit recovery, and most can be reintegrated later. This holistic program also addresses cravings or self-sabotage, ensuring they don’t hinder your healing journey.

Steering clear of personal care products loaded with scented products and harmful ingredients while you’re recovering can also help prevent rashes and speed up their healing.

Rewire Your Brain

Pamma’s Story

When Pamma developed an itchy, persistent rash after her son was born, she tried everything to get rid of it including seeing multiple doctors and alternative health care practitioners. She had a laundry list of chronic symptoms (read her full story here) but it was the rash that was the most distressing symptom which initiated her quest to find a cure.

Experiencing an itchy skin rash can be all-consuming, as Pamma can attest to. For over three years, it tormented her nightly, leading to sleepless nights and persistent scratching that not only reopened old wounds but also added to her already heightened anxiety as a new mother with chronic fatigue syndrome.

After hydrocortisone cream and antihistamines failed, she turned to natural remedies for her stubborn skin rash. A naturopath recommended a liver cleanse, but it exacerbated the issue. Over three years, she invested thousands in natural creams, bentonite clay, baths, oils, homeopathy, and more, with fleeting relief and often worsening symptoms.

Having successfully overcome 22 years of chronic asthma through dietary changes, she turned to a similar approach to heal her skin issues. By eliminating trigger foods and increasing organic fruits and vegetables, her skin began to improve.

As her nervous system stabilized and her brain healed, she could gradually reintroduce “triggering” foods into her diet. She was also able to tolerate synthetic fragrances when she would come into contact with them.

Her skin found lasting relief when she delved into brain rewiring, customizing exercises to her unique stressors and patterns. Identifying triggers like certain foods and supplements, she successfully rewired her responses. She even mastered rewiring for stressful events. The result: clear, soft, beautiful skin.

RewireYourBrain Pamma & Quinn

An Empowered Journey

Neural rehabilitation offers a remarkable dual benefit. While pursuing a natural skin rash treatment, it addresses other chronic symptoms as well. By unraveling the root causes that perpetuated chronic illness, you can shed debilitating brain patterns and emerge as your best self, free from the constraints of lingering symptoms.